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Having served in various capacities in our profession, outside of our profession, within the AGD and for the AGD, I understand the dental profession, clinical practice and the business of dentistry in a unique way. I promised you financial security and with the help of many, delivered it. I request your help to become your next Vice-president. With your support, I promise you a brighter future with a commitment to accountability and transparency at all levels. 


Please feel free to contact me by email at or call/text me at (815) 222-7228 with any questions or concerns. I would love to hear from you and to discuss with you how we can all work together and help make the AGD the organization every general dental practitioner is proud to call their own. 


M Harunani


1.  "Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been a great friend to me, and a wonderful servant to our community. All of Rockford is better off because of his contributions, and I know that he will bring that same spirit to the Academy of General Dentistry." 

U.S. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos .

2.   Mohamed Harunani has experience, passion, intelligence and integrity.  He not only has the skills and tools to be a great AGD Vice President but the honesty and morals to be a trusted representative of our principles and beliefs.  I'm so excited on his decision to run!  There is no doubt, a vote for Mohamed is a vote for AGD's future!"  

Dr. Gary. Heyamoto, Washington AGD. 

3. “In my prior positions as Vice President of Dentist's Advantage, and a past president of the AGD Foundation, I have had the privilege of meeting, working and becoming friends with many AGD members, leaders and staff.  I count Mohamed Harunani as one of my friends.  While it seems that I have known Mohamed forever, in reality it has been about 12 years.  In that time I have known him to be a true gentleman. In business dealings between the AGD and Dentist's Advantage, Mohamed has consistently been reasonable and fair; always looking for the "win-win."   From my perspective, his commitment to the Academy is unparalleled.  Regardless of the meeting or venue, I found that I would always "run into" Mohamed!  The Academy has been well served with Mohamed as its treasurer; and I believe it's future will be secure as he moves up through the leadership ranks!"
Mr. Mark Buzco, Past Vice President of Dentist's Advantage

4. “Dr. Harunani has been a very influential in many decisions that I have made professionally and personally. Mohamed is someone I would trust to take over as our future president because of his knowledge and experience in leadership, business, and finance. His integrity will be an asset to the Academy of General Dentistry in the future. I support him to the best of my ability and attest to his leadership quests. Thank you so much Mohamed for what you do for us in dentistry.”
Dr. John Olsen, Wisconsin, Trustee Region 9.

5. “I have known Mohamed Harunani for 20 plus years and I can say that he is a man of conviction and truly Ethical in his actions who can take on any task and complete it with both parties winning".
Dr. Joseph J Massad, Oklahoma.

6.  "I have known Mohamed Harunani for many years now. He and the Board of Trustees have collaborated on a number of ideas and programs for the AGD that have been implemented with success. A few are ahead of their time and are for the future. But, that is the nature of the vision of Mohamed. He has the innate ability to see clearly the future direction of programs and trends in organizations. He is open to ideas and facilitates their development for the benefit of our membership and the AGD. His tireless work to improve and maintain a clear, healthy financial system for the AGD as Treasurer has been highly successful. I eagerly look forward to continue working with him as our Vice President."  

Dr. Bob. Gehrig, Florida, Region 20 Trustee 

7. "I have known Mohamed Harunani for close to 20 years. In our interactions he has always been straightforward & honest. Mohamed's financial background & his uncanny investment instincts have served AGD well since at least 2004. We would do well to maintain those talents for the benefit of AGD for the foreseeable future."
Dr. Sy Wachtenheim, Illinois.

8. "Mohamed is a wonderful and very qualified candidate for our Academy. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for many years. He has served our academy in numerous capacities and has done an exemplary job. I am sure he will continue to serve us well."
Dr. Hans Guter, Ohio.

9. Mohamed has served as Treasurer of the AGD for the last four years and has been passionate on putting the finances as his top priority in having a strong Academy.  The results speak for themselves with improvements in the systems and increased investment income.  I would strongly recommend Mohamed as President of the AGD to continue his vision to increase membership and develop local constituents with viable leadership.
Dr. Sanjay Uppal, Trustee Region15/16 and and Chair of Budget and Finance Comm.

10. "I have known Mohamed Harunani for a number of years and have found him to be straightforward in his actions and advice to the AGD and its members.  He has served as a Trustee, Treasurer and as a member of the Investment Committee as well as in other positions throughout the Academy.  His unique understanding of business and the needs of our members makes him an outstanding choice for Vice President of the AGD."
Dr. Guy M. Hanson, Trustee Region 11.

11. “I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Mohamed Harunani since 2009 when I joined the ADA SCDI standards committee.  He was one of the first to welcome me and has been a great mentor over the years.  His integrity and professionalism in leading the various working groups he’s been involved with is a testament to his abilities as a facilitator and collaborator who is results driven.  His leadership qualities, diverse background, and life-long commitment to improving dentistry make him an obvious choice for Vice President of the AGD.”
Mike Selberis, Chief Technology Officer, Glidewell Dental and ADA SCDI/SCDP member.

12. "I have always been impressed with Mohamed's integrity and honesty. He has dealt with issues brought to the Board with vision, objectivity and a relentless desire to do what's best for the AGD."
Dr. Richard Kanter, Florida. 

13. ​"Credible communication, effective performance, proven financial success during his tenure on the Investment Committee. Past performance is indicative of future success."
Dr. Joe Battaglia, New Jersey.

14. "Mohamed is a thoughtful individual who works extremely well with his contemporary dentists, other oral care organizations, working in a positive and collaborative process with many in industry and academia. Dr. Harunani is a man of vision who sees the future of dentistry and how it will dovetail seamlessly with other medical persuasions to provide a better level of patient care and outcomes. Dr. Harunani is not afraid to speak his mind but always is motivated by better more efficient healthcare for patients and practitioners. He is also a very caring individual who gives back to his profession, on an ongoing basis."
Mr. Fred Freedman, Dental Trade Alliance.

15. "I've always been impressed with Mohamed's decision-making process; he considers all the stakeholders involved and tries to find the best solution for the Academy, constituents and the members."
Dr. Janice K. Pliszczak, New York.

 16. "I can't think of a more knowledgeable person when it comes to the dental world, he understands it from the clinical as well as the business aspect . Mohamed possesses the traits one wants to see in this office. He is honest, has integrity and always puts the AGD first in his decision making."
Dr. John Joffre, Florida.

 17. "Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been a colleague, mentor, and friend since 2008. As a new dentist I was comforted by the fact that he was always a phone call or email away, and I have called on him many times over the past 10 years! I have always trusted his opinions and advice, and I can count on him to follow through when I need assistance, whether personal or professional. I have great respect for him as a practitioner and as a friend."
Dr. Elizabeth Kravig, Wisconsin

18. "Mohamed was one of only a few AGD leaders that I worked with closely during my entire tenure at AGD, from the beginning as a member of the Board and Investment Committee to the end as Treasurer. He was great to work with and was very supportive of me. He always had the AGD’s best interests in mind."
Mr. Brad Neal, former AGD CFO.

19. "I have worked very closely with Dr. Harunani for several years.  During that time, I have witnessed firsthand his passion for the dental industry, his desire to achieve excellence in the treatment of patients, and his focus on the importance of continuous improvement & education.  Dr. Harunani is one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met.  His personal mission is to assist all of his colleagues & friends to achieve their goals in any way he can.  He constantly gives his time, energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the benefit of all of us who are around him.  With his personality, work ethic and drive, along with his vast knowledge of dentistry, business, and finance, Dr. Harunani would be an ideal candidate for Vice President of AGD."
Mr. Travis J. Zick, VP of Apex Dental Laboratory Group, Inc.

20. "Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been my mentor and close friend for the last 30+ years.  When I was 17 years old, and unsure of the path to take for my future professional life, he invited me to shadow him in his office, to see if the path of dentistry would be the right one for me.  I am so immensely happy that he did, because now (20 years later) I am the new owner of my own private dental office.  Dr. Harunani has played an extremely significant role in helping to shape the dentist that I have become.  He inspires me to be a better clinician, and he continually teaches me to think outside the box to come to an even greater solution.  He is the type of person who encourages everyone around him to strive to be his or her best.  As a result of his enthusiastic energy and guidance, one cannot help but to perform at levels previously unimagined. Not only has this helped me in my professional career, but also in my personal and private life as well.    He genuinely cares for people and wants to see success in every aspect of life.  It is these qualities of enthusiasm, empathy, and kindness that I strive to embody as well.  I have a new associate and with my memories of Dr. Harunani's guidance, I continually strive to provide the same level of mentorship to my associate as he had shown to me.  Dr. Harunani has been an inspiration to me, both professionally, and personally, and I know that will never change for the many years ahead."
Dr. Shailee Patel, Illinois

21. "Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been exceedingly active in organized dentistry for many years through his service with the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) on a national level, especially relative to AGD budget and finance matters. Likewise, he has excelled on the state level with the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry (IAGD) in a whole host of areas which included a term of service as the IAGD president. He continues to be very much involved in areas of importance to Dentistry and the public, not the least of which is his involvement with Dental Standards, through the Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI) where he chairs a work group and is the AGD designated voting representative to the SCDI. Few volunteers work harder than Dr. Harunani. In my view, he's a keeper!"
Dr. Joseph F. Hagenbruch.

22. "Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been both a colleague and friend for thirteen years. In my dental career, I have known many professionals who strove for patient care at the highest clinical standards. Dr. Harunani is one of those individuals. However, what sets Dr. Harunani apart from the others is his passion for sharing that knowledge with fellow clinicians and groups challenging them to be their best selves both personally and professionally."
Dr. Robert P. Darling, Wisconsin.

23. " For many years, Dr. Harunani has dedicated himself to making a difference for the profession. His insightful vision and commitment to ongoing improvement for AGD members is commendable.”

Roger P. Levin, DDS, Founder & CEO, Levin Group, Inc.

24. "I have known Dr. Mohamed Harunani since 1998 when I worked for him as his Office Manager. He has helped me to become more of an outgoing and caring person. He has been a role model that I have looked up to and am grateful for the many discussions we have had. I worked with Dr. Harunani for 6 years at his dental practice, and another 15 years as the Exec. Sec. for ILAGD. He was the person to call me up out of the blue and ask me if I would be interested in the Executive Secretary position. I enjoyed my time with the ILAGD Board and feel the AGD is a wonderful organization. He is very dedicated to promoting the AGD and dentistry, and learning the newest techniques. He is not afraid to make tough calls and I am confident that he will be one of the best Leaders that AGD has had."
Mrs. Deb Noordhoff, Past IAGD Executive Secretary.

25. "I met Mohamed in 2004 while we served on the AGD’s Communication Council. Mohamed is an “independent thinker with a keen sense for problem solving”. He is extremely energetic, and one of the “few true AGD visionaries”. Over the years, I have met many people who choose to volunteer for the AGD, Mohamed is the AGD! "
Dr. Mel Pierson, New Jersey. 

26. "Mohamed has been a friend for many years as I watched him serve in the organizations of dentistry. I noted early on his passion for getting results from hard work on committees. His approach has been innovative and creative, while not settling for just accepting the honor of a job but rather doing an outstanding job with each assignment."
Dr. T. Bob Davis, Texas.

27. "I consider Mohamed a very close friend.  We have served side by side in both the state level of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry and the Academy of General Dentistry.  In over 20 years of service together I quickly found out that he is the “go-to” person for answers about all aspects of dentistry.  With 30 years of service in the Navy, I have had the opportunity to see all types of leadership.  I know that Mohamed has the leadership we need for the AGD.  These past few years has also allowed me to see his dedication to the AGD through his unselfish service as Treasurer.  With his grasp of financial issues and leadership ability, I know he will be an outstanding leader for the AGD."
Dr. Larry N Williams, Illinois.

28. "I met Dr. Mohamed Harunani in 2006, after returning from active duty in the Army and starting my employment at Midwest Dental. As a young dentist, this transition was challenging for me, as it is for many. Dr. Harunani became my mentor and a trusted friend. He guided me through the growing pains of successfully navigating a civilian practice and managing a team. His support and counsel was, and always will be invaluable. He is a driven, kind, intelligent man who has served the AGD tirelessly. We could not have a better person at the helm of this great organization."
Dr. Christy Gajewski, Wisconsin.

29. "In all of my interaction with Dr. Harunani, I have seen a caring mentor and educator, someone who is extremely knowledgeable in his profession yet always having a desire to learn, and someone who is exceedingly dedicated to the advancement of, and advocacy for, dentistry and dentists."
Dr. Zachary McCallum, Wisconsin.

30. "Dr. Harunani has vast knowledge and experience in all major areas in dentistry. He is a great mentor for any young dentist seeking to further refine his or her skills in the profession!"
Dr. Matthew Anderson, Illinois.

31. "I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Harunani in person at CEREC 27 1/2 in August 2012 as part of a technology review. I was immediately impressed by his sincerity and open collaboration that he brought to the table. Over the last 5 plus years, I have had many opportunities to interact with him on various opportunities. One of my favorite things about Dr. Harunani is that he always starts discussions with how he can be of service to others. Given his principal roles, this service is frequently around how to further the advancement of clinical dentistry and further improve access to care. I am privileged to call him a friend."
Mr. Alex Sadusky, North Carolina. President of Dental Card Services.

32. I am honored to call Dr. Mohamed Harunani a mentor and friend and endorse him for a leadership position as Vice President of the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Harunani is always a phone call or email away, and always responds regardless of his schedule.  I have always trusted his opinions and advice, and I can count on him to follow through. With Dr. Harunani’s guidance, my company has greatly benefited from his advice. I have great respect for Dr. Harunani as a practitioner and as a friend. His integrity and dedication is an inspiration that Dr. Harunani demonstrates on a daily basis.   
Mr. Lou Gallo, President, Mediatech, Inc.

33. "Upon graduation, I met Mohamed Harunani and he became my mentor and friend. Not only did I watch how he evaluated or did clinical dentistry, I absorbed how he treated patients and staff. I am not sure of any person that would take the time out of his day, weekly, to mentor a new and developing dentist with such encouragement and dedication as Dr. Harunani. Even today, I think of him and do remember things he would say, “even if it’s a small occlusal filling, make it your best and make it nice for your patient.” He is a caring, kind, compassionate man who is dedicated to excellence in the field of dentistry. He is one of the most kind and giving people that I have met along my path of life. I am very lucky to have had him as my mentor along the way."
Dr. Abbey LaManna, Wisconsin.

  34. "I have known and worked with Dr. Mohamed Harunani for more than 13 years. We have served together as members of various Workgroups within the American Dental Association, Standard Committee for Dental Informatics (ADA SCDI). He has been instrumental in leadership roles within the ADA SCDI, serving as a Chairperson of workgroups and is sought for his knowledge and ability to get tasks accomplished in a timely manner. He is extremely passionate about our profession and is one of the people I seek when I need advice. His past experience with organized dentistry and his leadership and commitment to the ADA SCDI makes him a highly qualified candidate for the Vice President position."
Dr. Rick Celko, Pennsylvania.

  35. “I have known Dr. Harunani for many years. He is a remarkable individual with a very unique ability to not only excel in the practice of dentistry, but also master the business of dentistry in very challenging economic times. Additionally, he has boundless passion and compassion, not only on the front-end of dentistry, but he displayed it throughout my entire battle with oral cancer. I am confident he will excel as VP of the AGD and will have their best interests in mind.”
Mr. Sunil Puri, President, First Midwest Group.

36. "I consider Mohamed a very close friend and an excellent source of accurate information. As a leader in both the Academy of General Dentistry and the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry, I have had the privilege of serving with Mohamed in numerous areas. As the Chair of the AGD Membership Council, I often sought his expert guidance on many issues dealing with the financial aspects of membership. I have also worked closely with Mohamed on various matters dealing with the Illinois AGD. Over these past few years, I have had the opportunity to see his dedicated leadership to the Academy through his unselfish service as AGD Treasurer. As such, I have personally witnessed his outstanding leadership and direction for the financial well-being of the Academy. Mohamed’s knowledge, passion and vision is what we need for AGD, and with his financial acumen and leadership ability, I know he will be an outstanding leader for the AGD."
Dr. Cheryl Mora, Illinois

 37. "The opportunity to work with Mohamed on a committee came as a pleasant surprise. After just a few moments I could immediately see that had the intelligence and aptitude for any task at hand, including teasing out difficult financial problems. He was forthright in his opinions, he recognized and praised innovation, clear thinking and a desire to serve. When I think of Mohamed- insightful, innovative, collaborative, I was always glad he was on the team to tackle a problem. He is a practical thinker and a tireless worker for the best interests of the AGD and its membership. Above all I always found him willing to understand before he made himself understood." 

Dr. Joseph DiDonato III, New York.

38. “Dr. Harunani is the consummate professional, in the years that I have had the pleasure to work with him, he has always shown compassion and a willingness to help others. His input on issues comes from doing extensive research, he has always been well prepared for meetings. I have the pleasure of sitting on the Identalloy/Identceram Board of Directors with Dr. Harunani and his input is always well thought out and valuable. Dr. Harunani’s insight on the changing dental landscape would be a valuable addition to the AGD. In my opinion you cannot find a better candidate for Vice President of the AGD.”

Mr. Gary Iocco, President of Dimension Dental Design and Past President of the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

39. "I have worked with Mohamed for many years while he has demonstrated his passion for the profession of dentistry, his skills as a general dentist are exemplary and his compassion for patients drove his practice to wonderful success. Mohamed’s professionalism and prowess in business ventures are a further demonstration of his keen, logical and practical mind which are necessary for a leadership role in the AGD. Mohamed is an amiable, conscientious and plain-speaking person who effectively communicates his message to others. He is well recognized as a tireless individual with an ability to work on many issues simultaneously. He is a true visionary and innovative person who effectively communicates with others in any setting at any level. The Academy would be well served having Mohamed as Vice President of the AGD."

David R. Peterson DDS, OMS, JD.

40. “It is my pleasure to endorse Mohamed Harunani for a leadership position as Vice President of the Academy of General Dentistry. My personal experience can best demonstrate the reason for my endorsement. When industry and the practitioners were initially struggling with defining the requirements on practitioners of FDA regulations on automated identity and data capture, Dr. Harunani took the lead in preparing a white paper for stakeholders. Through that work, I came to know and respect Dr. Harunani’s skills and work processes.  Through those interactions, I also came to respect Mohamed’s ethics and commitments to all dental industry stakeholders. I hope that Vice Presidential leadership of AGD will give Dr. Harunani a strong platform for supporting the interests of all dental industry stakeholders as we move into the coming era of digitized healthcare.” 

Mr. Napoleon Monroe - New Directions Technology Consulting, LLC.

  41. “Dr Harunani’s contribution and service to our profession and the Academy of General Dentistry throughout the course of his career has been exemplary.  I heartily support his nomination for Vice President of the AGD.”

Dr. Robert A. Lowe, North Carolina.

42. "Mohamed is passionate about what he does and epitomizes what it means to be a dental professional. Mohamed takes the time to say hello, he takes the time to talk to you, and he listens to you regardless of who you are.  Every time I see him, no matter how busy he is, he reaches out and acknowledges me.  He's been doing that since the first time I saw him in 2009 in Baltimore for the AGD annual meeting. The AGD is at a unique time right now, with changes in Dentistry happening from all over.  I can't think of a more knowledgeable and more prepared person to help guide us through these uncertain times.  We need someone who can look at things from all points of view. Mohamed is the ultimate down to earth guy who wants to know what you think, he talks to you; not at you." 

Dr. Puneet Aulakh, Washington. 

43. "I have known Mohamed for many years and have seen his diligent work in many areas of the AGD. He has approached each with role with ability and diligence. He has always sought for efficiency and practicality in each area of his Academy work. Dr. Harunani is devoted to progressing the AGD into the future. He will be an excellent Vice President." 

Dr. Glenn Miller, North Carolina.

44. “Having known Mohamed for over 20 years, I wholeheartedly support him for the position of Vice-president of the Academy of General Dentistry. His dedication to dentistry and particularly to post-graduate education for general dentists is inspiring. The AGD and its membership will be a better organization under Mohamed’s leadership.”

Dr. Jim McKee, American Equilibration Society, Past President and Piper Research and Education Center, Visiting faculty, 

45. “Since 2005, Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been an outstanding collaborative leader for the American Dental Association (ADA) Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI).  Dr. Harunani’s leadership initiatives on the SCDI, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an official United States standards development organization, have resulted in many notable standards accomplishments, among which are ADA/ANSI Technical Reports regarding FDA unique device identifiers, track and trace for human tissues, and HIPAA security risk assessments.  In addition, Dr. Harunani led the working group that produced the ADA White Paper on electronic prescriptions in dentistry.  In recognition of his effort and of his numerous SCDI achievements over many years, the ADA Board of Trustees awarded Dr. Harunani the prestigious ADA SCDI Volunteer Award in 2015.  It is always a pleasure to work with Dr. Harunani, whose energetic, results-oriented approach never fails to engage others.”

Gregory G. Zeller, DDS, MS, Chair, ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics, Chicago, IL, and Professor of Oral Health Practice, University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, Lexington, KY.

46. "My friend Mohamed has a tireless motor and a desire to educated, inform and elevate all those he comes into contact with. He has an insatiable quest for dental knowledge. He is genuine and one of the most ethical people I have ever met. It is and will continue to be my pleasure to be associated with him."

Dr. Paul Becker, Minnesota.

47. "I have known Dr Mohamed Harunani for over 14 years. In that time, his dedication to the profession of dentistry is second to none. I have not met a man that has dedicated his life to the betterment of our profession more that Dr H has. He is a true leader. Dr. H will lead the AGD with passion and desire unmatched by anyone else , I am very proud to call him a colleague and friend! Thank you!"

Dr. Bob Miklesh, Wisconsin. 

48. “I have known Dr. Mohamed Harunani for many years. I first met Mohamed when I was a Regional Director for region 14. Through the years of my involvement as Trustee, Mohamed was always been there, freely giving his time to the AGD. There are not many people that I am aware, that are as dedicated to the AGD as is Dr. Mohamed Harunani. 

Mohamed is an excellent role model for younger AGD members. He is a successful dentist as well as an entrepreneur. He has strong family values and is well respected in our profession. With his busy life, he has chosen to be involved with the AGD. He has constantly shown his dedication to the AGD and it mission. He has served the AGD in many capacities, mostly recently as Treasurer.

I support Dr. Mohamed Harunani for Vice President and urge you to support him as well.”

Dr. J. Chris Harvan, MBA, MAGD, Colorado.

49. "I have worked very closely w/Dr. Mohamed Harunani for the past 12 years. He has been a great colleague and mentor to me, especially early on in my career. His passion for Dentistry and his dedication to the AGD is unmatched. He has been a great asset to the AGD on the local and national level and I am confident he will continue to do so as Vice President of the AGD."

Dr. Muzammil Saeed, Illinois AGD President.

50. “Dr Harunani is a great team leader and has tremendous knowledge of Dentistry. You ask him almost any clinical or business questions and he probably will be able to provide guidance. He is one of the smartest Dentist I know. Dr Harunani lights up the room by bringing a positive energy to the room as he starts speaking. He’s highly respected by his peers in the clinical and business side of dentistry”

Dr. B de Czito, Wisconsin.

51. “Having known Mohamed Harunani for many years, I can attest to his fine leadership skills. He is a man who thinks outside the box and can offer fresh perspectives to AGD. His many personable skills will be an asset to our organization as he serves as our next vice president.”

Dr. Robert Kozelka, Trustee Region 8, Illinois.

52. I have known Dr. Harunani since I have been active in AGD. His passionate leadership style is very inspiring. We share similar thoughts of building AGD to be strong for our dental profession. I like his approach in that we tackle the problem at its root. AGD is like a family with parents as Executive Officers and children as Constituents. Constituents cannot grow on their own without leadership and nurturing from Executive Officers through some forms of assistance and guidance. Dr. Harunani’s blend of knowledge of the organization through years of service, and his compassionate and results-driven approach will contribute greatly to the success of AGD.

Ravishankar Sinha, DDS, RD Chair, RD Region 11, AGD.

53. I have known Dr. Mohamed Harunani for the past 14 years; within that time I have come to meet a great clinician and brilliant practice manager. Dr. Mohamed has helped myself and my staff immensely in all phases of dentistry. His knowledge of new materials and new techniques has saved us much time and money, but more has increased the confidence our patients have in us. For practice management Dr. Mohamed has brought real world change to my practice, and efficiency that I thought was unattainable. My costs dropped instantly and productivity increased immensely, Dr. Mohamed became a true friend of dentistry and an individual I am proud to have in my life. 

Dr. Steven P. Theodosis, Illinois.

54. “I have known Dr. Mohamed Harunani for over 25 years. He is the right person at the right time to not only help AGD and its membership, but to move it along into the future. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and the hardest working individual I know. He deeply cares about you, dentistry, and the AGD!  We need Dr. Harunani now!  Please support Dr. Harunani for your next Vice President of the Academy of General Dentistry!”

Dr. George Zehak, Illinois.

55. “Dr. Harunani has been an inspirational educational partner of Kerr Dental for over a decade. While serving as Clinical Education Director with Midwest Dental Dr. Harunani has also dedicated his experience, dentistry craft and knowledge into assisting Kerr Dental develop CE Courses that truly help General Dentists improve their lives and the lives of their patients.

Dr. Harunani exemplifies the very mission of the AGD. 

· Serve the needs and represent the interests of general dentists = Dr. Harunani is passionate about helping Dentists of all levels of experience get better and how to reach their professional goals.

· Promote the oral health of the public = Dr. Harunani always has the best interest of the patient in the forefront in terms of safety, care, and long term positive results.

· Foster continued proficiency of general dentists through quality continuing dental education in order to better serve the public =Dr. Harunani excels in this area and has served as an abundant influence for Kerr Dental on how to properly train, teach and work with dentists all over the word.

In short I give Dr. Harunani the highest recommendation. I urge you to highly consider Dr. Harunani for the position of Vice President of the Academy of General Dentistry.”

Mr. Mike Beaudoin, Vice President Sales- West Zone KaVo Kerr.

56. "I have known Dr. Harunani since dental school at Northwestern University – his brother, Dawood, was in my dental school class.  We reconnected through Illinois AGD a number of years later after I was asked to serve on the Board. 

Throughout all my years on the Board, which included my ascension through the Executive Committee to IL AGD President (2016-17), I have found Dr. Harunani to have worked tirelessly for AGD and it’s constituency.  He has always been, and remains, generous with his time and expertise for Illinois AGD, especially with regard to his institutional memory, and his organizational and business skills.  

I have always found Dr. Harunani to be forward thinking and to have a broad perspective on what he feels is important to the General Dentist and where dentistry is headed in the future.

Because he sees dentistry from several perspectives,   I have found him to be diplomatic in giving his opinion, yet passionate in what he feels is important from both a budgetary standpoint for AGD and the best way to protect and promote the needs of the general dental practitioner.  I have witnessed his efforts with regard to his very hard work to make strong connections with our local, state, and national representatives in government.

On a personal level, I have found Dr. Harunani to always be kind, sympathetic, and very proud of his exceptional family.  

It is for these reasons that I believe that Dr. Harunani will be an excellent Vice President.

Dr. Susan Mayer, ILAGD, Past President.

57. "Mohamed Harunani is one of the most passionate supporters of the AGD. He has generously and effectively supported the AGD well for many years." 

Dr. Lou Boryc, Wisconsin.

58. "Dr Harunani's passion and desire for the success and financial health of The Academy of General Dentistry, its members, and the community were very visible by his actions. His genuine introductions, time, and knowledge provided valuable resources for so much that was accomplished at the AGD."

Mrs. Caroline Vullmahn, Former Interim Chief Financial Officer of the AGD.

59.  "Mohamed is an excellent choice for Vice President of the AGD. Along with his integrity, trust and dedication to the AGD, he understands what the constituents needs and will be instrumental in delivering those resources. Mohamed has a history of being success and bringing success to the organizations he is involved with. His leadership and collaborative style is what the AGD needs today."  Dr. Filippo Marchello  Ontario AGD Ce Chair and one of the top 3 new member recruiters since 2010  

60. “Dr. Mohamed Harunani has been an inspiration to me since the day I met him over 10 years ago. His personal mission for providing quality treatment with predictable outcomes and the caring he shows for the wellbeing of his patients and the patients of his cohorts is exemplified by his unparalleled passion for dentistry and his pursuit of excellence."

Dr. Gary Glassman, Canada.

61. “It has been an honor working with Dr. Harunani for over 10 years on the development ADA-ANSI standards and technical reports for improving the quality and access of oral healthcare. I have been greatly impressed with his desire and ability to build consensus among all parties. He has championed the role of the general dental practitioner to help insure their views and goals are properly addressed and protected, helping to lead to better outcomes for our patients. As a member of the AGD for over 30 years I believe his leadership will be greatly beneficial to the entire profession.”

Scott D. Benjamin, D.D.S.

62. “Dr. Harunani has a true passion for the profession, a dedication to lifelong learning and a desire to serve. Having him as a member of the AGD Executive Committee would be of great benefit to the organization and its members.” 

Bonnie Hixson, Founder of “The Progressive Dentist” Magazine.

63. "As a member of the ADA's Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI), and Chair of its Subcommittee on Information Exchange (SIE), I have known and worked with Dr. Harunani for close to ten years.  He is one of the best examples I have ever worked with, of a "servant leader" who puts the needs of those he leads over his own self-interest. A highly intelligent and conscientious "doer", there is no project too small or too large for Dr. Harunani to take on and pursue to its conclusion. He chairs several Working Groups that deal with very detailed and technical issues under the umbrella of SIE. His work and leadership in those Working Groups has been exemplary. I highly recommend him as a candidate for AGD Vice-President."

Jonathan B. Knapp DMD, Bethel CT, Chair of SCDI Subcommittee on Information Exchange.